Friday, December 9, 2011

Diaper Cake

This was my last crafty project before my son came. It was simple and fun to make. I also shipped it to Florida and to my surprise it arrived in one piece.

There are two ways to make the cake. One is to roll and rubber band the diapers, the other is to use the fan method. Rolling and rubber banding each diaper seemed time consuming so I used the fan method. I also liked how the cake looked using the fan method than rolling them. I used this website for directions to assemble the cake.

I used one cardboard cake mat although using a round cardboard cut out would work too. I hot glued a toilet paper tube to the center of the cardboard cake mat. The next part can be somewhat tricky. The pictures in the website were a great help. I did not use a cake pan. Instead I took the diapers and lined them up against the toilet paper tube then fanned them and secured with a rubber band. The picture shows a paper towel roll if your cake is going to be more than one tier.

I have seen cakes with a blanket wrapped around the tier but I chose to tie a ribbon. For the top tier I used a pack of pacifier wipes, powder and baby oil gel. I rubber banded them together and wrapped a waterproof changing mat around and secured with a ribbon. To embellish the tier I added a teddy bear book mark which was leftover from my baby shower.

Around the base of the cake I added a bib, baby toy, sleeping mask for mom, and some washcloth cupcakes. Directions for the washcloth cupcakes can be found here. I secured the cake by attaching the pieces with safety pins.

I purchased the bib, baby toy and sleep mask at the store but I would have loved to make those items myself, unfortunately at 8 months pregnant I had a hard time using my sewing machine.
For my next cake I plan to add more handmade items to really make it one of a kind.

For directions on how to use the roll method check out this website. I really like that they used a bottle of champagne for the center instead of a cardboard roll.

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