Monday, June 25, 2012

Anywhere Chair Tutorial

I found a great tutorial for this anywhere chair. Here is an easy to follow video on how to make one Anywhere Chair Video  or visit Made by Marzipan. 

First gather your materials. You will need 3 fabrics, the outer fabric, the inner fabric and thin batting (I used fleece). Cut 1 with all three fabrics:

seat 19X11 inches
strap 36X7 inches
connecting tab 4X5.5 inches
5 inches of velcro

Using the connector tab pieces place right sides together then place the batting on top.

Sew along the long sides of the connector tab. Then turn right side out.

Now take the seat pieces and place right sides together on top of the batting piece.

On the long side of the seat place pins at 4.5 and 7 inches. This will be where the connector tab goes later. Round the edges and sew from one pin to the other leaving the space between the two pins open.

 Turn right side out. Place the connector tab in the opening about 1 inch and sew all the way around the seat.

Now lay the long strap out and measure 4 inches from the end as shown. Mark with pins where the connector tab will go.


Repeat with the strap  the same steps as you did for the seat. Cut off corners to round the edges. Sew from pin to pin leaving the section between the pins open. Turn right side out. Put the connector tab in the open section about 1 inch and sew all the way around.

To finish your project take your 5 inches of velcro and leave the fuzzy side 5 inches and cut the rough side to 3 inches. The velcro will be attached to the strap. Attach the 5 inch fuzzy piece in the center of the strap near the connector tab on the outside fabric of the seat. Sew in place.

The rough side of the velcro goes in the center of the strap on the farthest side from the connector tab on the inside fabric. So my fuzzy velcro went on the polka dot side and my rough velcro went on the jungle side on the opposite end of the strap. Sorry I do not have a picture of this step.

This is what your seat will look like finished. Lay the seat part on the chair with the connector piece toward the back of the chair. Loop the strap around the chair and attach to the velcro piece. Fold the front part of the seat over the strap. The front part of the seat acts as the piece that goes between the child's legs. Make sure you wrap the strap around the back part of the chair to ensure your child stays in place and does not end up on the floor. Never leave your child strapped in the chair without adult supervision.


Helena said...

Hey, pretty sure the seat is supposed to be 19 inches, not 9- luckily I had extra fabric to cut new pieces ;)

Casie said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I found it much easier to follow than the original you linked too. One note however, the dimensions of the seat piece are supposed to be 19x11 not 9x11. Thanks again.