Saturday, April 7, 2012

VIntage Baby Clothes to Bibs

I was given some of my husband's old baby clothes from the 70's. A few of the outfits I could use but many were just too "vintage" looking for me to have my son (born 34 years later) wear.

Rather than let the clothes go to waste or boxing them up for storage I re purposed them into bibs (after getting permission first)

Here are directions on how to turn old baby clothes into bibs. My tutorial shows a one piece outfit but shirts can be used following the same directions. (Note that the outfit I used had snaps at the shoulder. I made these part of the bib strap. If an outfit does not have these buttons the collar can stretch over baby's head without needing to add buttons or Velcro.)

1. Cut off the arms.

2. Cut along the bottom to shape the bib. If using a T-shirt you can skip this step unless you want the shape of a bib.

3. Turn over and cut out bib strap. This is done by cutting straight across the back of the outfit making the band as thin or thick as you want.

4. Turn inside out and stitch along bottom of the bib and arm holes. If using a T-shirt there is no need to stitch along the bottom unless you want your bib to be curved.

5. Turn right side out and pin the fabric over along the back and stitch.

6. Pin around strap and stitch. I used a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying but a straight stitch would work too.

Here is what the finished bib looks like as well as some others I made.

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