Monday, August 1, 2011

Jungle Nursery Painting the Room

Here is a series of posts about how I created my nursery for around $400.

Completed Nursery


I fell in love with the idea of making a jungle themed nursery. What I didn't know when I decided on the theme is how popular it is which made it very easy to find fabric and other crafty things I used to create it. Everything in my nursery was made by me or my mom and would be very easy to change to fit the theme of your nursery by simply choosing different colors and fabrics to fit your theme. Some other themes I think would be cute for a nursery are: Dr. Seuss or other favorite authors such as Eric Carl, Mo Williems, or Laura Numeroff to name a few, alphabet, sports, forest animals, Peter Rabbit, and cats and dogs.

Most of the furniture was handed down from my sister. Garage sales, craigslist and resale shops are other good places to look for furniture if you don't have a friend or family member who is willing to give things away. We bought a new crib after doing some research on consumer reports and picked a highly rated one for around $200.

The first step was to paint. The room had been previously painted half blue and half purple with clouds painted near the ceiling. For the jungle theme my husband painted a bright green over the purple. Then he drew jungle animals using images from the fabric I had chosen for the quilt. I spent an entire day painting in all four animals but all the hard work was worth it. I do not consider myself to be artistically talented but painting in the animals was very easy. The hard part was drawing them which my husband the art teacher did.

Cost to paint: $15.00


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