Monday, August 1, 2011

Steps to Making a Mobile

I made this mobile using remnant fabric from the curtains. I got the idea for this mobile after searching If you don't have fabric for the squares there are lots of cute patterns on other DIY sites I considered using in the shapes of elephants.  Since I used many materials I already had on hand the only thing I had to purchase was the wooden circles which cost about $4. If you don't have the other materials on hand you can buy them at a craft store very inexpensively.

Materials: remnant fabric, batting or fusible fleece, 2 packages of thin wooden circles, tacky glue, clear string or fishing line, two dowel rods, paint, 1 screw eye, and bias tape.

First, I matched circles together by size. To avoid drilling into the circles I decided to glue 2 matching sized circles together with the string in between. I used paint I had on hand to paint the wooden circles different colors to match the nursery.

After the paint dried I matched the circles together and arranged them into four sections. I cut 4 pieces of clear string about 2 feet long and planned to shorten it as needed. I placed 1 circle face down, laid the bottom string in the middle of the circle leaving a few inches of string hanging below to sew the fabric squares. I used tacky glue to attach a matching circle. I continued this process until I had all the circles glued onto the 4 strings. I then glued the two dowel rods together to form an X shape.

To make the fabric squares I cut and fused fusible fleece to the back of each square. I then placed matching squares together with the right sides out. Using bias tape around the edges, I sewed each piece together. I completed 6 squares total, 4 for along the bottom and 2 for the middle.

To finish the project I used the 2 inches of clear string to hand sew the squares onto the mobile. I also cut one more piece of clear string to hang in the middle of the mobile. I attached the two extra squares to this piece. I attached the string to the mobile by tying each string to the ends of the dowel rods and adjusted them so they hung evenly. I cut off excess string and glued each string in place. When dry I attached the mobile to the ceiling over the crib using a screw eye.

Cost of Mobile: $4

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