Saturday, August 27, 2011

A to Z.. a lot about me

I saw this on C.R.A.F.T. and thought it was a great idea. I’ve been super busy starting up another school year that I haven’t been able to create anything new so I thought this would be a quick fun thing to do to add to my blog.

A. age: 29.

B. bed size: king.

C. chore you hate: mopping the floor.

D. dogs: Two, Gracie and Addy my border collies.

E. essential start to your day: breakfast, I need it to get me through the morning of working my students.

F. favorite color: purple

G. gold or silver: silver

H. height: 5'0"

I. instruments you play: used to play guitar but haven’t in several years

J. job title: My full title is a primary reading interventionist and Reading Recovery teacher. What that means is I help students in kindergarten-second grade by providing reading interventions.

K. kids: 1 of my own on the way but I have had close to 200 if you count all of my students over the years.

L. live: in the Chicago area

M. maiden name: got rid of that last summer

N. nicknames: I’m called Chris, Chrissy and sometimes teacher

O. overnight hospital stays: one surgery and soon to be another hospital stay when my son arrives.

P. pet peeve: lots

Q. quote: One recent quote I read is If you have a library and a garden you have everything.

R. righty or lefty: righty

S. siblings: a half brother, half sister and little sister

T. time you wake up: 5:45 unless I hit snooze a few times. 

U. university attended: lots, College of DuPage, Eastern Illinois University, Concordia, Northern Illinois University, Dominican University and currently National Louis University

V. vegetables you dislike: carrots 

W. what makes you run late: traffic

X. x-rays you’ve had: recently? Nope

Y. yummy food: pizza, ice cream, raspberries and strawberries

Z. zoo animal favorite: I’ve been to the zoo so many times on my own and for field trips that I have begun to enjoy the excitement and reactions of the kids I am with more than seeing the animals myself.

Thanks for Reading!

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